Bibbi Ringsby Jansson

Bibbi Ringsby Jansson has a PhD in Social Work and is head of the Department of Social and Behavioural Studies at University West.

Research on vulnerable young people
Bibbi Ringsby Jansson's research mainly involves young people with intellectual, psychological or neuropsychiatric disabilities and their participation in society. She is a member of a research group which study working life opportunities of marginalized groups. This group is part of the research centre Learning in and for the New Working Life at University West.
As head of department Bibbi Ringsby Jansson has very little time for research. In spite of this she is conducting a new study on young people with intellectual, psychological or neuropsychiatric disabilities. This is done in collaboration with Elisabeth Olin at University of Gothenburg. The study focuses on these young people's opportunities and difficulties in the workplace and what support you can give them. The study builds on Bibbi Ringsby Jansson's and Elisabeth Olin's previous research in this area.

More research
Among other things Bibbi Ringsby Jansson has also participated in a research project aiming to follow and evaluate development work conducted by the municipality of Trollhättan. Its purpose was to help more people from Kronogården, a part of town with a high density of immigrants, to gain access to the labour market.

In another research project Bibbi Ringsby Jansson have been studying the development of knowledge concerning autism and Aspberger syndrome in various organizations and academic environments that have received funds from the Swedish Inheritance Fund.

In 2002 Bibbi Ringsby Jansson defended her doctoral thesis Vardagslivets arenor - Om människor med utvecklingsstörning, deras vardag och sociala liv (The arenas of everyday life. About the daily and social lives of people with intellectual disabilities).

A selection of Bibbi Ringsby Jansson's publications can be accessed via the DiVA database.

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