Yvonne Lagrosen

Yvonne Lagrosen is Associate Professor in Quality Management at University West. Her area of interest is quality management in the service industry, the public sector and the manufacturing industry. She is interested in how the learning in an organization affects the quality management and how quality work can influence the employees' health in a positive way. In cooperation with the American Professor Fred Travis Yvonne Lagrosen also investigates so-called brain integration and performance of different professional groups. Brain integration is about how well various parts of the brain are coordinated.

Learning, quality management and health
Yvonne Lagrosen is part of a research group at University West which is studying marketing, quality, organizational learning and health, particularly in education and health care. The group is part of the research centre Learning In and For the New Working Life at University West.

Yvonne Lagrosen is leading a project aiming to increase the quality and competitiveness of the Swedish health and fitness sector through shared learning, development and networking.

Yvonne Lagrosen is also studying the effect on organizational learning of the method OCN (Open College Network).

In the book Mänsklig kvalitetsutveckling (Human quality management), which was published in May 2009, Yvonne Lagrosen and her husband Stefan Lagrosen summarize 15 years of research and put it into context. They show a positive connection between quality management and staff health. They also show a clear connection between the extent to which an organization has learned a number of important principles for quality management and how well the quality work functions.

Yvonne Lagrosen defended her doctoral thesis Values and Practices of Quality Management - Health implications and organisational difference at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg in 2006.

Brain integration
In cooperation with Fred Travis Yvonne Lagrosen has completed two studies on brain integration, ie how well the different parts of the brain are coordinated. One was done on engineers working on product development at Volvo Aero in Trollhättan. Another was performed on musicians. The results showed that musicians' brains are highly developed. The scientists refer to mind brain development. People with high mind brain development are alert, interested in learning new things and disposed to see the whole picture. They think in wide circles and are emotionally stable and unselfish.

Read more about the study of musicians and their brains.

In an ongoing project Yvonne Lagrosen and Fred Travis are studying upper secondary pupils stydying music and science. The researchers examine the relationship between brain function, effective action and flow experiences.

Yvonne Lagrosen also write theoretical articles on the relationship between quality, entrepreneurship and brain function.

Employment etc
Yvonne Lagrosen's duties include supervising degree projects and teaching Quality Management. She came to University West in October 2006.

A selection of Yvonne Lagrosen's publications can be accessed via the DiVA database.

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Yvonne Lagrosen