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Campus has four study landscapes which are in close proximity of the teachers' offices to increase contact between you and those who work at the university.

In the study landscape you will find computer room, cabinets, group rooms and student kitchen with seating. In the kitchenettes you can store and heat your own food.

On campus there are open, modern study areas and plenty of group rooms. In addition to those found in the study landscape areas and library, there are a number of group rooms on each floor. The group rooms provide opportunities for group work and studies. There are also sports and drama rooms as well as a Creative Center. International students, the Student Union and Drivhuset also contribute to a living and active environment.

Since the campus is located in the middle of town, it is close to shops, cafes, restaurants, cinema, training facilities and nightlife. Here you will find an active cultural and sporting life and if you like nature and outdoor life you will never be far away. The locks area around the canal in Trollhättan is widely known for its beautiful environment with easy access walking paths.


On campus there is Restaurant Västan which serves lunch and sells sweets and drinks. The Student Café serves light lunches and salads as well as home-baked cakes, so called “fika” in Sweden.


Under -Is a student, you will find more practical information about our premises.


HERE you will find:

  • More than 350 different study places
  • Access to several computer workplaces
  • Sofas and armchairs
  • Multifunction printers
  • Group rooms, with and without computers
  • Quiet reading room
  • Cogito, a flexible study area with moveable furniture and smartscreen

Cogito, the flexible study area situated by the group rooms, where you can get help with mathematic problems and support by language and text centers.

The library serves as an advanced information center for college students and staff. There are plenty of study places where you as a student are close to books, computers and staff that facilitate your studies.


In the library you will also find our Student Square, here you will meet:

  • Study and career counseling
  • IT support


On campus there is a student bookstore where you can buy the course literature you need, if you have not borrowed it at the library. In the bookstore there are also used books for sale. The student bookstore is located on the second floor of the D-house.


Creative Center is a gathering place where you test and develop creative elements within your education.

In the Creative Center lounge there are ongoing exhibitions of student work and projects and here you can sit down and watch exhibitions.

Creative Center is located at the university entrance hall - in the G and H-house.
Students studying digital media can deepen in projects where they edit movies and sounds, many times in collaboration with external clients. Teacher and students have classes in our drama room when they have drama and conflict management exercises. In the studio and the carpentry workshop, design takes place in both digital and manual ways, and you can meet 3D students working cross-over, from manual sketching technique to data modeling.


Here you can borrow equipment for working with various creative projects within the framework of our courses and programs.

You can book cameras, audio equipment and more via the Media Pool, which is open Mon-Fri. 08.45 - 10.00, ph: 0520-223160,

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