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Student housing

Trollhättan offers student housing guarantee. Once you have received your notification of acceptance, you can apply for a student residence and after 30 days you are guaranteed a first-hand contract.

The road to college is lined with many thoughts, choices and sometimes difficult considerations. In addition, having to hunt for housing and worry about it can take a lot of energy.
We are therefore working closely with Trollhättan Stad to live up to the housing guarantee - and according to the Swedish Student Union (SFS) housing report 2015, we belong to a few cities that actually meet the requirements.

Here you can stay in a classical student corridor or in your own apartment and you will find the accommodations in the center of town as well as just outside the city center. Therefore, you can choose whether you want to live next door to entertainment or outdoor activities. No matter where you live there are good communications to the campus through cycle paths or biogas buses.

Close cooperation with several individual housing companies and Trollhättan municipal housing company Eidar AB will help you find the accommodation that works best for you, both to size and cost. 

You can read about accommodation on the Student Union website.

A University where all students are welcome

In 2014, Trollhättan was named Student City of the Year by the Swedish Federation of Student Unions (SFS). The award is a receipt that the collaboration between students, university and the surrounding business community is working well. Below you can read a clip from the motivation.

"In Trollhättan there is a long tradition of inclusion in which all students are protected. The modern campus is accessible and has been designed in collaboration with college students. A distinction for Trollhättan is that the students' perspective is always valued and taken seriously."


More than 2000 students at University West commute daily to Trollhättan from different locations in the immediate area. A 5-minute walk to the train and bus station gives you access to frequent rail links both northwards towards Vänersborg-Mellerud-Karlstad and the south with the entire Göta älvdalen and Gothenburg. Today you travel Gothenburg-Trollhättan in just over half an hour.