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As a distance student, you will take part in recorded lectures via University West learning platform –DisCo. The movies are usually self-produced recordings in our studio, but can also be filmed lectures in classrooms. Other people's productions, OER objects (Open Education Resources) may also occur. The movies are usually distributed in streaming format.

In some online courses and e-meetings, the University West will use Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect is fully network-based, which means that no program installation is required and you participate in the e-meeting through a clickable link. You need to install Adobe Flash Player, and to send image you need a webcam. At Adobe Connect meetings, it's important to keep in mind that you must use a headset with microphone to send and receive audio. If you do not have it and there are more than two attendees there is a risk of eco / roundabout. Skype for Business meetings may also occur.

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