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The scholarship for international fee-paying students is offered as a reduction of the tuition fee.

A scholarship committee is overall responsible for the principles of the scholarships and decides every year on how to distribute the funds available, the structure of the scholarships and which students will be awarded. 

The departments/faculties rank the students based on the criterion listed below and present the result for the committee who makes the final decision.

  • Relevance of bachelor education for the applied master's programme
  • Study result from bachelor education
  • Relevant project works/internship (if stated as relevant for the program)
  • International exposure (if stated as relevant for the program)
  • Work experience (if stated as relevant for the program)

If it is not possible to make a selection, the committee may also use the following criterion:

  • Student's priority of the program in the application round
  • Applicant from partner university

It is the scholarship committee only who can make these decisions.

A decision made by the scholarship committee is not open for appeal.

Scholarships available 2019/20

For the academic year of 2019/20 it has been decided to distribute the scholarship funds as follows:

Two half (50%) tuition fee deduction scholarships at the following programmes:

  • International business, master programme in business administration (one year)
  • International politics, master programme in political science (one year)
  • IT and Management, master programme in informatics (one year)
  • Master in robotics and automation (two year programme)
  • Advanced manufacturing engineering (two year programme)
  • Master programme in robotics (one year)
  • Master programme in manufacturing engineering (one year)
  • Master of science in finance

Two additional half (50%) tuition fee deduction scholarships for masters programmes offered at the School of Business, Economics and IT

One additional half (50%) tuition fee deduction scholarship on one of two year master programs in engineering.

If a student is awarded a 50% reduction the tuition fee, invoice sent will be reduced with the same amount. 


Fee-paying students who apply to any of the programmes listed above and who have submitted their applicaton on time (January 15) in the university admission system are eligible to apply for a scholarship.

A link to the scholarship application form will be sent to those students once the validation process is completed (mid March). 

Scholarship application is then open for one week.

The decision of the scholarship committee will be published on this page in connection to notification of selection result from University Admissons (mid April).

If someone does not accept the scholarship, next student in line will be notified as soon as possible. 

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