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Minimum technical and software requirements for online learning courses


You will need regular access to a personal computer with an internet connection. High-speed broadband access is necessary. For the optimal learning experience, you need a computer system with a webcam + headset with microphone following these minimum requirements:

  • PC Compatible Operating System: Windows 7, 8 or 10 Web browser: Firefox, Chrome or Edge
  • Communication software

Note, that some software cannot, due to legal issues, be used from some countries. It is important that you test if it works from your country before you start the education. University West cannot be held responsible if it does not work and is unable to offer a workaround or an alternative solution.

The specific software you need to check is:

  • Canvas is the learning management system that University West uses for communication between lecturers and students. Most of the communication and information is provided through this system or your student mail. In Canvas, you will find syllabuses, compulsory modules, exams and study schedules and other useful information for your programme.
  • Zoom is a web-based conferencing system with full audio, video and screen sharing capabilities. The teachers at University West use Zoom for teaching and supervision. When you connect to a Zoom-session you should use a headset to get good quality audio.
  • HVPlay is the platform that is used for instructional movies and recorded lectures.

Test instructions can be found on

If you have any questions contact our