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A man standing in a hallway.

Why did you apply to Robotics and automation at University West?

I applied to this university because it has one of the best robotics courses in Europe and I’m a big fan of robotics. I’ve been studying mechatronics previously at another university and now wanted to continue studying robotics.

What is the most exciting you have done during the studies? 

The courses have been more than I expected. Every time we’ve had practice at the PTC (Production Technology Centre) I feel like I’m in Disneyland. Working with the real machines is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

Can you describe the environment and culture at the university and in Trollhättan?

I’ve never expected there to be such ethnic diversity at University West. It’s really cool to have friends from all over the world, and despite our cultural differences we are good friends with each other.

Trollhättan is a very calm place. There are beautiful places to see here and there are many good places to sit down and relax, like restaurants and pubs. But if a student wants to have a huge party every Friday its not a best choice. Overall it’s a great place for people who like calmness and for those who want to spend time in the company of friends.

What are you doing when you are not studying?

When I’m not studying I’m playing in a metal band in Göteborg. From time to time me and my friends meet up to have smaller parties or evenings where everybody cooks food from their home countries.

Tell us about your future plans? And how do you think the studies at University West can help you to reach your goals?

Right now I’m planning on finding a job for the summer, and after that I’ll probably start searching for an internship where I can do my thesis. Also, it would be great to learn Swedish language during the holidays. And when I’m done with my university studies I’ll probably start searching for a job.

The studies at University West are more oriented towards practice and that’s great. At my Russian university we were constantly learning just basics and theory. It is important to know the theory, but sometimes those methods have not been used for years. I think that the practical experiences I’ve gained here will help me in a future.