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Caroline Kjellin, Volvo

What are some recent developments in electrical systems within the automotive industry?

Development for our pure electric car is moving extremely fast. We are currently moving to in-house design of electric machines and battery packs. Our product portfolio is growing swiftly.

How do you feel University West’s program in Electric Vehicle Engineering fits into this?

When we hire mechanical engineers, we’re looking for competencies in battery cell chemistry, power electronics, electric machine development, software, etc.

The Master in Mechanical Engineering – Electric Vehicle Engineering is a very good way to give students a strong base so they may come to work on electric car development focusing on electric machine development. It provides a broad base of knowledge.

What is it like to work at Volvo?

Volvo cars is a very people-oriented company. We focus a lot on sustainability, making sure our products are personal. We also care about the people who work here, making sure our products and working climate live up to our extremely high standards.

It’s exciting work. It’s an extremely fast-moving marking in terms of development. There are new technologies coming out all the time. If you want to work at the forefront of technology, this is definitely an area where you want to work.

How is the job outlook at Volvo for graduates of this programme?

The benefit of a more specialised programme like this is that the electric car development market is extremely big. Volvo is to have 50% pure electric cars on the market by 2025. This is the future. Picking this programme, you have the possibility to get yourself a profile that will fit right into the needs of the auto industry.

We are always looking for bright new people to hire. We are constantly growing. Of course international cultural competency and English language ability are also important. We have a diverse workforce and are building diverse teams.