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Why did you choose the Master in Finance at University West?

When I applied for the Master in Finance I already had extensive experience in finance, mostly in banking. So, from that experience it was a logical step to continue studying a master’s programme in the field of Finance. What attracted me most in the programme at University West was that it was a 1-year programme only and the subjects that are taught.


How did you experience your studies at University West?

All the subjects were relevant, interesting and challenging. Moreover, I think this programme is a good basis for preparation for the CFA exam – the most prestigious certification for financial analysts.

The academic staff on this programme are well qualified, can grab the audience’s attention and can explain complicated things. Very kind, supportive and interesting people. Any feedback or request is responded to quickly.

The programme at University West is very well organized. The university’s online student systems (Disco and Canvas) provide accurate support and help with planning my studies.

I really liked the modern and stylish architecture on the university’s campus. Everything is easily accessible for everybody through automated doors and elevators. The buildings are very spacious, clean, with modern furniture and equipped with kitchens and study rooms. I really love the modern design!

How would you describe the university culture?

What I really liked was everybody’s willingness to help and support. Besides that, I experienced that teachers had a real desire to teach and mentor students. I felt there was a cooperation with staff instead of them being controlling or commanding, which I was used to at my previous university.

Can you tell us about your future plans?

I am planning to work and live in Sweden. It would be great to learn more about the working culture in Sweden. I am also considering taking the CFA exam, because my programme has given me a solid knowledge to pass the CFA, levels 1 and 2 successfully. Also, I’ll continue to study the Swedish language; I enjoy it.