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Where do you work and what does an average workday look like?

I work at Virtual Manufacturing AB in Gothenburg, Sweden as a Robotics Consultant. I usually start work at around 8:00. Most of the day's work starts with receiving critical challenges from a client. Then my colleagues and I brainstorm around the solutions and start working on methodology. I work with BIW Process Planning as well as Robot & PLC Programming.

Why did you choose the Master in Robotics and Automation at University West?

My job at Virtual Manufacturing AB is my first job after graduation from the Master’s Programme in Robotics and Automation. I chose to study at University West because of its profile in Work Integrated Learning and its research reputation in the field of flexible industrial automation.

University West was a good choice for me because of the balanced course structure which involves a combination of theory and hands-on projects. The university’s ‘learning-by-doing’ approach helped me to foresee real-time challenges which can occur in an industrial environment. Hands-on projects with robots and Programme Logic Control (PLC) helped me to understand the bigger picture of the complete process. Also, the very well-equipped Production Technology Center (PTC) helped me to test my knowledge with equipment instantly.