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Woman standing in well lit hallway

Why did you apply to us at University West?

I applied to University West because I enjoyed studying here four years ago, during an exchange programme. I loved how I could take fewer courses at the same time which gave me the chance to dig deeper into the topics that were being discussed.

Why did you apply to the Master Work Integrated Political Studies?

This programme is unique in the way that it assists in connecting students with internships during their second year. I picked this programme because I knew it would prepare me for a job after I graduated.

What is the most exciting you have done during the studies? 

So far with the coronavirus we have not been able to do too much... But my favorite part is the discussions with my classmates. They come from all over the world which helps me open up my perspective even more on varying issues. They’ve helped me with my communication and listening skills which are valuable tools to take with me outside of university.

Can you describe the environment/culture at the unviersity?

So far I haven’t been able to take part in many activities with the university due to the coronavirus. My favorite part though has been the “Inslussningen”, or the two welcome weeks at the beginning of the school year, where I was able to meet the Swedish and International students. Everyone was so friendly!

What do you think about the student life in Trollhättan?

This term I have been able to meet up with more international students which has been really fun. We’ve had international lunches and hikes that have helped me make more friends.

What are you doing when you are not studying?

I love to bake and cook new recipes. Especially being in a new country I have been learning about a bunch of new recipes. I also love walking down to the lochs with friends and being very close to nature. You might even catch me down at the Strandgatan Cafe having a fika with a kanelbulle!

Tell us about your future plans?

I hope to find a job in Sweden after I graduate and become fluent in Swedish.

How do you think the studies here at University West and your programme can help you to reach your goals?

The studies have provided me with professional connections that I can rely on. Also, most importantly, the university has given me the opportunity to meet people from around the globe.