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Samira, a woman, standing by a staircase.

Why did you apply to us at University West?

I lived in Gothenburg before and I was looking at universities in the nearby area, but I also had heard about University West and its validity in the field on engineering and IT.

Why did you apply to Master in It and management?

I have a bachelor's degree in software programming but I wanted to continue my education in a related field. Also, I felt like I needed to learn something related to IT and management, so I applied for this program and then I selected full-stack development as an optional course.

Can you describe the environment/culture at the unviersity?

I have spent much time at the library and in the computer labs, everything is very comfortable and convenient. The personnel at the university, especially at the service center and the international office, is really friendly and helpful. They can help to solve problems, even when you send them an email instead of going in person.

What are you doing when you are not studying?

I really love Trollhättan and its beautiful nature. Usually, I go walking beside the river or spend time with my family as there are many playgrounds for children in Trollhättan. The central library is an interesting place to spend time lonely or even with my child.

Tell us about your future plans?

I'm trying to find a job and I’m applying for a Ph.D. position at University West.

I think that the university applies much work integrated learning into the education is really useful for the future goals of finding a job or continued education.