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As an exchange student at University West, you study single subject courses during a semester of studies.

Full-time studies in Sweden is 30 HE (Higher Education) credits - or 30 ECTS credits per semester.

One week of full time studies equals 1,5 HE credits and each semester is 20 weeks long.

Those accepted as exchange students will receive a scholarship through the Erasmus+ exchange programme during their studies here.

am i eligible for application - who can apply?

You need to have been enrolled at a Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the Ukraine at the moment of fleeing Ukraine to Sweden due to the Russian agression, or you need to have graduated from a HEI within maximum of 12 months before.

The application process is coordinated by University West in cooperation with Support Group Network (SGN).

when can i apply?

Application is open and will close Sunday 3rd July (23:59 CET).

documentation needed

The documentation to be submitted with your application may take some time to prepare, so read below what is needed for each before you start with the application.

Copy of passport
Copy of passport can be uploaded in any digital format (pdf, png, jpg etc)

Transcript of records in English
We need to see what previous studies you have had at university level to determine if you are eligible for the courses you have chosen for your study here - and also as a proof that you have been enrolled as a student at a university in Ukraine (see criterias above).

Proof of English knowledge
In order to follow classes and participate in seminars during studies here, a good level of English is required.
We will need proof of your English language skills to assess this.
In the "English requirement" section below, we have listed the requirements of our international programmes which indicates the recommended level.

In the document section below, you find the Erasmus+ English level where you can see how the different leves of English are determined. Our recommendation is B1.

Course selection University West
We offer a number of courses in English at Univeristy West. You can find a link to the online course list information below.
When selecting your courses, please note that they run at different times over the semester. The Course overview for each semester is a good tool to use in order to make sure you don't choose courses running at the same time during the semester.


Once you have compiled the necessary documentation and have decided on which courses you wish to study - you can submit your application through the linked banner at the bottom of this page.

If there is anything unclear in your application, or we need additional information, we will contact you though the e-mail address in the application form.


If you have questions about the application or anyghing related, you can contact us at