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When SNEHA GOEL was offered the opportunity to leave her university at home in India to study in Trollhättan for three months, she was a little sceptical at first. Three years on she's still at University West. She is a PhD student in materials technology at the PTC.
After her visit in 2014 she returned to University West in 2015-2016 and studied for a master's in manufacturing engineering. She was then accepted into the doctoral programme at the department for finishing and additive manufacturing processes at the PTC. Trying to compare the learning environment in Trollhättan with her hometown close to Delhi is like trying to compare night and day.
– It's much quieter here and life is more in balance. The PTC is also a great development and research environment for me, close to everything. It's easy to be active in your free time – you can work out or do other enjoyable things, Sneha says, before adding:
– The fact that it's just a short walk or cycle ride to the PTC means I can be flexible if I have to work in the evenings or at weekends. In general, the day-to-day environment is much less formal. Life is more easy-going and relaxed, and also more equal, Sneha points out.
Once she graduates Sneha wants to gain engineering experience in the industry.
– University West has unique partnerships with business and industry. As a PhD student I have regular contact with various companies, says Sneha, who in the future would like to return to India as a teaching professor.

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