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SAM SUMO from Liberia wanted to apply for the economics programme that would give him the best basis for furthering his studies and taking his planned international degree as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Sam found what he was looking for in Trollhättan.

– I also considered a university in Germany, but Trollhättan caught my attention because of the quality of the courses. The curriculum is also similar to the CFA courses.

After leaving upper secondary school, he studied for a bachelor's degree in accounting at United Methodist University. When he was ready to take the next step towards his goal, he came across University West. He dived straight into the master's programme in finance. He has never regretted his choice.

– My ten months in Trollhättan were amazing. In addition to everything I learned, my time as a student gave me new insights and experiences thanks to my Swedish and foreign fellow students. Living in Trollhättan gave me real insight into Swedish society, which is very informal and built on honesty. Sweden is also innovative and the Swedes keep abreast of what's going on in the world.

Sam, who is now back at home in Liberia, is following a distance learning programme while working as a CFA.

– After my studies in Trollhättan, I feel confident about taking my CFA exam in June 2018. My dream is to work as a finance or research analyst in a complex and interesting industry.

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