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Trollhättan, with its 60,000 inhabitants, is intersected by the Göta River and its spectacular waterfalls. Not far from Trollhättan, you will find Lake Vänern, the largest lake in Sweden. You don’t have to waste time in traffic queues or feel stressed in overcrowded subways. As a student in Trollhättan you have all you need close by. A few minutes’ walk from campus you’ll find yourself in beautiful, natural landscapes.

Trollhättan is home to a number of high-tech companies, like GKN Aerospace (producing jet engines and developing rocket engine technology) and the Chinese NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden – developing its platform for the future generation of electric cars in the former SAAB Automobile factory).  

More than 2000 students at University West commute daily to Trollhättan from different locations in the immediate area. A 5-minute walk to the train and bus station gives you access to frequent rail links both northwards towards Vänersborg-Mellerud-Karlstad and the south with the entire Göta älvdalen and Gothenburg. 

Foto som visar blommande träd och människor som fikar vid utomhuscafé