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Hammar Nordic offers 24 apartments located in the centre of Trollhättan, very close to the train station and the campus.

All these apartments are private accommodation where you live on your own, except for one apartment where two students can live together, sharing the bedroom.
All apartments are furnished, and the kitchen is equipped with cooking utensils. Laundry facilities are located on the ground floor and the building is equipped with a lift.

Rent and contracts

The rent for smaller studios (19.6 to 22.2 m2) is between SEK 5,400 and 5,700 a month. The rent for medium-sized studios (24.5 to 27.2 m2) is between SEK 5,900 and 6,600 a month. The rent for bigger studios (31 to 35.3 m2) is between SEK 6,700 to 6,800 a month. The rent for the shared apartment (50.6 m2) is SEK 9,059.
The contracts and rent are fixed for the full semester or academic year. Internet, heating, electricity and water are included in the rent. The rent is paid on a monthly basis.

Some example impressions of apartments/rooms at Järnvägsgatan: