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Arrival by air

Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg has daily flights to and from most major European cities. There is a convenient airport bus service connecting Landvetter to the Central Station in Gothenburg. Buses run 2-4 times an hour.

Arrival by train or bus

Trains run regularly to Trollhättan from Gothenburg Central Station. The trip takes approximately 30 minutes. Gothenburg also has intercity rail links with Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.
SJ - Swedish Railways
Västtrafik - public transport in Western Sweden

Transportation service on the Arrival Day

If you wish to be picked up on the arrival day you must make sure that University West has been informed on the details of your arrival well in advance by completing and sending your online Arrival form.

Online arrival form
At the bottom of this page, you will find the online arrival form available between the following dates

30th May - 1st August for the autumn semester
15th November - 5th of January for the spring semester

There will be two bus fairs available during the arrival day (one at 13:00 o´clock and one at 18:00 o´clock), and information on departure time of these will be specified in the arrival information sent to all students prior to Arrival day.

Arrival outside office hours on Arrival Day

Students arriving later than departure of the last bus fare to the airports or the central station in Gothenburg on the arrival day, will have to arrange for their own transportation to Trollhättan. If there are student representatives available, they can meet you at the train station. Otherwise you have to arrange for an overnight stay. 

Here is a list of some of the hostels and hotels in Trollhättan:
STF Trollhättan/Gula Villan Hostel
Hotel Trollhattan
Hotell Bele

Arrival on other dates than the arrival day

As from the day after Arrival Day, there will be student representatives available at the university at two times during the day - 12:15 and 16:15 - who can help arriving students to their accommodation. You have to pick up the keys and contract for the accommodation at the student Service center at University West by yourself. The student representatives will help you to access your accommodation. If you plan to arrive during the weekend, we cannot guarantee this arrangement and in that case you might have to book a hostel or hotel (see links above) until the next working day. 
University West provides these services during the first two weeks of the semester.
Please note that should you arrive later than two weeks after the start of the semester, you have to pick up the keys and contract directly from Eidar Center at Lantmannavägen 92.

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