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If you are staying in Sweden for a shorter period (one semester or less), we recommend you to use a credit card that is accepted internationally for economic transactions in Sweden. The credit cards are commonly used everywhere.

If you are a student staying in Sweden for a year or more we recommend you to open a bank account in one of the banks represented in the city. University West does not recommend any specific bank but you are welcome to ask our advice.  

The process of opening a bank account is complicated and you can prepare for it by talking to your home bank asking what they need for you to be able to transfer money etc.  

For opening a bank account in Sweden you don’t need a Swedish social security number but you need to bring a letter of acceptance from University West, and a passport.  

The banks have limited possibilities to administer cash so it’s recommended that you transfer funds from your home bank once the account is opened but be prepared for up to 10 days before the account is opened after you made the application.  

For some citizens outside EU (Iran, Pakistan etc.) it is very difficult to transfer money due to different EU directives and sanctions. If it’s possible, talk to someone with experience in these matters before you travel here.

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