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Commissioned training are courses and programs that are given to employees within companies, authorities and other organizations. It is the client who appoints the participants. We offer both completed courses and programs, but can also tailor training to the client's specific needs. We also offer lectures, seminars, supervision assignments, laboratory work and training programs.

In the standard education offer from University West, there are several independent courses and course packages that suit those who are already employed but want to be able to study in addition to your work. The courses can, for example, be given at half speed or at a distance. 

In our education projects, the university develop courses in collaboration with industrial companies and networks. The course structure is adapted to, and is primarily aimed at, professionals. The purpose of this kind of course is to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish industrial companies, by contributing to increased expert competence in production technology. The courses are developed within educational projects funded by KK-stiftelsen and Vinnova.

Read more about how to apply on our Swedish website.

Note, that if you are an international student, other courses are available for you. Read more about our international available courses and programmes.