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Below you will find a map of the campus, with explanations:

A = Student Union
B = Gregarts student book store
C = Central café, Student health
D = Entré AIL
E = Main entrance, Restaurant Västan, Library
F = "Stråket", entrance floor, "Albertsalen"

G = Servicecenter, Study and Career Councelling, Study administration: admission, degree certification and student administration office, Clinical Learning Centre, Drivhuset

H = Computer rooms and group study. Creative Centre.

I, J = Study area Ishavet and Vita havet with student kitchenettes, computer rooms, lockers and group study. Study area Medelhavet with computer room, lockers and quiet study room.

K = Footbridge
X = Assembling point in case of fire.

Find your facilities

The letter illustrates in which building you find the facility and the first number shows on what floor.
Example: F211 - you find F211 in the F-house on the 2nd floor.

Production Technology Center, PTC

PTC is a part of University West and is located at Innovatum. It is run in partnership with the manufacturing industry and Innovatum. Here you find a world leading laboratory and our research environment Production Technology West (PTW).

Illustration över byggnad Produktionstekniskt Centrum i Trollhättan

In case of fire alarm signal

  • GO OUT by the nearest exit
  • DO NOT use the elevator
  • Go to the Assembly point Maria Alberts park (the park outside "Albertsalen"). Map link