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From 1 April 2019, all purchases in the public sector must be invoiced by electronic invoice (e-invoice). For the purposes of Act 2018:1277, 'electronic invoices' means invoices that are issued, sent and received in a structured electronic format allows them to be processed automatically and electronically. A PDF invoice does not count as an e-invoice.

More information about mandatory invoices to the public sector can be found on the Agency for Digital Government's (DIGGs) website Mandatory e-invoicing to the public sector.

The law can be read here: Act (2018:1277) on electronic invoices as a result of public procurement.

The invoice must be issued to University West


Högskolan Väst


Organisation number:


VAT- number:


Order reference

The order reference must always be on invoices to University West and must be stated by the buyer when ordering. There is a field in the invoice systems that is intended for the customer's reference and it is crucial that the reference is entered there. University West's client references usually consist of 2-8 characters and can contain both letters and numbers.

University West uses Visma Proceedo's e-commerce service with the system supplier Visma Commerce. The information below is aimed at suppliers who wish to join the service in order to send e-invoices to University West. There are several ways in which we can receive e-invoices from yourself:


Electronic invoices can be sent via the PEPPOL network.
Address in PEPPOL: 0007:2021004052

University West can receive e-invoices in the following formats:
- PEPPOL Invoice 5 A over 2
- PEPPOL Creditnote 5A ver 2
- PEPPOL Billing 3.0
- Svefaktura 1.0

2. Invoice Portal

This solution is free of charge and is mainly suitable for smaller suppliers who send few invoices. In Visma Proceedo's invoice portal, you manually register the invoices, which are then sent as e-invoices.

If you want to start using the invoice portal to send e-invoices to us, email and specify which email address you want to use to log in to the system. You will then receive a link with an invitation to register in the Supplier Center.

If you are already connected to the Supplier Center via another customer, you can also send invoices to University West.

For support and guides:

3. Svefaktura with transport profile Basic, ebMS link

Our tasks:
E-invoice format: SFTI Svefaktura
Our Party Identity (recipient ID): 2021004052 (our company registration number)
GLN number: 7300009037742
Transport method: Protocol - SFTI Transport profile BAS
Technical reception address (note: no link address):

More information about e-invoice formatting and shipping method can be found on the SFTI website.

4. Svefaktura via operator

If you use one of the following operators to send e-invoices, you can let them forward invoices to us as well:
- Inexchange
- Pagero
- Creditflow
- Tieto
- Evry
- Bankgirocentralen BGC
- Basware

Please contact if you have any questions.