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One way is to go directly to a manager, to the HR department or to the university's lawyer and raise the matter.

You can also use the whistleblowing form below, which is managed by KPMG, an independent party outside the university. They also manage a voicemail, where you can leave a verbal whistleblowing. Through the form or telephone message, you can also indicate that you want to provide information in a personal meeting with KPMG,

Before reporting, you should read the information about what can be reported and by whom for whistleblower protection to apply.

To get to KPMG's whistle-blowing form at Högskolan Väst, click on the link:

Whistle blowing form

You can also enter the address directly in your browser:

It is also fine to make a verbal report in a voice mailbox for the University of West that is managed by KPMG. The telephone number for it is 0771-40 16 31.