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University West offers internships for newcomers to Sweden. 

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Contact: Beatrice Löfström Sandberg

Open lectures

University West arranges open lectures in a wide range of topics. The lectures are free and open for everyone! 

Centre for Studies of Diversity, Equality and Integration in collaboration with International Programme in Politics and Economics, IPPE, at University West arrange open seminars in international politics on the theme "What is happening in the world":

Read more about the spring seminars

Recognition of qualifications and accreditation

Sweden's universities have been commissioned to do a validation effort for foreign graduates. More people will have their qualifications recognized in order to quicker get established in an education or in the labour market.

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This is a opportunity for newcomers to visit the university and exchange experiences with our students and staff over a cup of coffee.

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Contact: Ann Larsson and The Student Union at University West

Scholars at Risk

Scholars at risk is an international network of institutions and individuals working to promote academic freedom and to defend the human rights of scholars worldwide. University West is a member.

More information about Scholars at risk

Contact: Fredrik Sjögren