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Stated in the university's basic values is that ‘the activities at University West are based on and defend the principle of the equal value of all people, where democracy and diversity contribute to social welfare, justice, and sustainable social development’. The university is and should be a transparent and open university, which takes differences into account and thereby promotes opportunities for individuals to work, study, and achieve their goals at University West: University West should be an accessible, open and inclusive institution, and we are actively working to combat and prevent discrimination, harassment, victimisation, and a culture of silence. Just like students, employees should be met with respect and treated with dignity. The university's core values, together with the government’s values, are a foundation for all that we do here.

Preventive measures outlined in these pages are called equal terms: In addition to the above-mentioned values, our work is based on the statutory responsibilities that the university must work on. These are mainly taken from the Anti-Discrimination Act (SFS 2008: 567) and Work Legislation (AFS 1993: 17). Working on equal terms is also part of the university's work environment and quality assurance project. The aim is to create a good work and study environment, free from discrimination, harassment, and victimisation, and to work with knowledge, attitudes, values and behaviours.

You can find more information on these webpages:

A sustainable work and study environment on equal terms
Procedures for discrimination and victimisation
(routines to refer to if you have seen or experienced something concerning discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or abuse)
Routines if something happens - Procedures for discrimination and victimisation 

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