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Based upon experience and the compiled evaluations from the previous programme period for work on gender mainstreaming as well as results of the studies that have been done, the need for continued prioritization and more projects has been identified. Taken together, the results show that during the next two years, the university needs to focus on gender mainstreaming in the following areas:

  • A work and study environment free from gender-based victimization: intimidation, violations, and sexual harassment
  • An equal distribution of power, resources, and opportunities between the genders
  • Undergraduate and post graduate programmes that support gender equality
  • Support of processes and tools that bring about change

To further reinforce schemes for and the effect of our efforts, it is important to introduce gender equality issues and methodology into development projects that are ongoing or will be offered in the future at the university, and to do so on a regular basis. This applies to projects involving the whole university as well as limited or local projects. During the upcoming period, our work on gender mainstreaming will primarily be focused on the following projects:

  • The design of complete academic environments (including research and educational programmes)
  • The development of the university’s management
  • The Campus Expansion Project and Societal Impact Hub
  • Broadened recruitment and participation (inclusive teaching)

Here you will find the plan in its entirety:

University West’s Focus for Working with Gender Mainstreaming 2023–2025.pdf