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The project is called UniSAFE and we participate in a web survey to investigate experiences of gender-based violence and sexual harassment and related attitudes and behaviors among staff and students. The purpose is to contribute to increased knowledge and methodology with the goal that the project will result in concrete recommendations, a toolbox and various educational initiatives to give us better opportunities to eliminate gender-based violence in higher education and research organizations.

About the survey

A survey link will be sent out to all employees and students on March 7, 2022 and the survey will be open until April (closes on April 3). The survey is completely anonymous, data is collected via the project but we help to distribute the link and survey. The survey and support material (integrated in the survey) are given both in Swedish and English.

Support functions

There are both central and local support functions, such as the opportunity for conversational support via the university's various channels such as occupational health care and Student Health, as well as contact information for national support lines. The contact information will be presented inside the survey, but you find it here as well:

Individual counselling

Student Health Service: Students have the possibility to counsel via the Student Health Service.

Occupational Health Care Services (employees): Employees have the possibility to contact and visit occupational health care on their own initiative on one (1) occasion without giving a reason. For more visits, please contact the manager in charge.  Contact information: Avonova, företagssköterska Åsa Ljungqvist, telephone 010-2525112

More information