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Welcome to our new exam hall

Halls for on-campus e-examination

Influence the Digital examination Project


Project owner: Lars Johansson 
Project leader: Maria Nilsson 

Steering group: Niklas Ericsson, Åsa Mellquist, Lena Sjöberg, Monika Hattinger, Karin Svensson, Fredrick Frendin.


The Digital Examination project is conducted in three parallel sub-projects, all of which work closely together:

Pedagogical development

The sub-project aims to increase pedagogical competence and flexibility in digital examinations. It must review all digital examinations with a pedagogical approach. This means identifying areas for improvement, spreading good examples, and training teachers in  a new system for digital examination.

Project manager: Maria Nilsson
Project participant: Emma Norberger


On-campus e-examination

 The sub-project will implement a system for on-campus e-examination as well as rebuild and equip halls for digital floor exams. SUNET (Swedish University Network) has procured the system Inspera, which has already been implemented at 14 other universities in Sweden. The University will appeal against the agreement and implement the system. A number of prerequisites were discovered in a pilot study that was conducted in 2019 using an on-campus e-examination. Taking over and building on them, the sub-project continues the work.

Project manager: Linda Severinson
Project participants: Lisa Hed, Laila Jensen Sundgren, Mikael Andersson, Christian Jiresjö


Administrative support and process

The sub-project must review and quality-assure regulations, routines and processes linked to all digital examinations. This means reviewing and creating processes and routines for teachers, students and students with special educational support. It also means ensuring correct and secure information handling such as archiving, thinning and disclosure of theses and answers.

Project manager: Linda Severinson
Project participants: Lisa Hed, Laila Jensen Sundgren



Autumn 2022:

  • Project planning
  • Implementation of the system Inspera
  • Planning for building renovation and equipment

Spring 2023:

  • Testing of Inspera
  • Development of pedagogical training material for teachers
  • Production of information for students
  • Development of training packages for invigilators
  • Review all digital examinations in relation to pedagogy and support
  • Reconstruction of a hall with approx. 50 seats, adapted for on-campus e-examination
  • Pilots in sharp hall exam, max 50 students

Autumn 2023:

  • Training of teachers
  • Reconstruction of a hall with approx. 100 seats, adapted for on-campus e-examination
  • Pilots in sharp on-campus e-examination with large student groups, max 150 students
  • Preparations for widespread introduction

Spring 2024:

  • The project is finished, and a final report will be delivered.

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