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Concrete skills and abilities connected to the climate issue are part of their education, but also the ability to describe, analyse, and understand complex contexts and together with others find solutions to the situation in which we find ourselves. It is also important that students become interested and engaged in climate and sustainability issues during their studies and do so in a context that is characterized by interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as collaboration with the surrounding community.

Objective: Our programmes develop students’ ability to contribute to climate adaptation in their future profession.

We are continuously looking over and making necessary changes to our offering of programmes and courses, as well as the content in our current programmes, to develop relevant competence within the framework of the subject areas that students are studying. Tools for accomplishing this are the Quality Assurance System for education and integration of the sustainability perspective into the WIL certification of programmes. Climate adaptation is furthermore an area that is appropriate for interdisciplinary collaboration, where the issue of climate is handled through different approaches, such as technological, behavioural and organisational perspectives. To achieve our goals, we need educators and researchers with competence in climate issues and the relationship of those issues to other goals and questions of sustainability.

Objective: The university will make the most of students’ enthusiasm when it comes to climate issues and offer them the opportunity to contribute to the university’s and other organisations’ work with sustainability through WIL.  

The sustainability perspective will be integrated into the current WIL certification of programmes, where students are given the opportunity to test and develop their knowledge in various types of projects. This can, for example, be a project connected to campus development or a job that is connected to sustainability that they carry out for an employer.  


Hanna Stafhammar Kjellgren

Hanna Stafhammar Kjellgren Qualified Analyst