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For University West, the work and study environment and a level playing field are key to creating a sustainable university. A healthy, preventative, and systematic work environment as well as work on equal terms lead to a good, sustainable environment that benefits everyone and creates a secure and safe place for work and study, for both employees and students. Agenda 2030 identifies health and wellbeing, work environment and working conditions, as well as reduced inequality, as central objectives and areas of focus in the efforts to create a sustainable world.

The university’s efforts to create a good working environment are based upon our value system, our strategies, and current legislation (such as the Working Environment Act and associated ordinances as well as in the Anti-Discrimination Law. The systematic work done on work environment and a level playing field is the tool for constantly developing and improving the physical, social and organisational work environment. Also central in our organisation is the fact that all people have equal value – a self-evident, fundamental given for all we do at University West. No one, regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression of gender, ethnicity, religion, belief system, sexual preference, or age will be discriminated against, harassed, or risk being subjected to such.  As an institution of the Swedish state, University West also bears responsibility for working on issues of accessibility, designing the organisation, the premises, and information in a way that ensures people with disabilities have high accessibility.

The physical work environment is examined by making rounds and the social and organisational work environment is examined using the so-called ARK-investigation for employees. A corresponding instrument for students consists of various questionnaires used in the Quality Assurance System. The ARK concept is based on health promotion principles and values, and it is underpinned by trust, responsibility, respect, care, participation, equality, and dialogue between management and employees, on which the questionnaire KIWEST is based. Focus lies in identifying possibilities and strengths – salutogenic factors as well as ill health and problems, which are pathogenic factors.

A central success factor for our work and process is the way higher levels of management engage with each department/section head who has delegated responsibility for the work environment and the participation of employees, students, centres, and security organizations/unions.


  • At University West there is zero tolerance for bullying, discrimination, abusive behaviour, sexual harassment, or retaliation. 
  • All employees and students have knowledge of and contribute to creating a work and study environment that leads to good health, increased inclusion, and a level playing field. Management have particular knowledge and responsibility for ensuring efforts are made toward a good work and study environment.
  • The university contributes actively to broadening recruitment and participation, where a diversity of backgrounds, knowledge, and experiences enriches our institution, and the composition of our student body and workforce mirrors the surrounding community.
  • Accessibility to people, buildings, and information is high for everyone.
  • A good work and study environment in the wake of the Corona pandemic will continue to be in focus and safeguarded.
  • The university contributes to education and research on health promotion to create good conditions for students and personnel for maintaining and promoting good health and a level playing field during their studies and work.


  • The work and study environment as well as the level playing field are aspects of quality that all sections work with systematically, both as individuals and together, based upon current legislation and the suggested processes for carrying out this work at the university.
  • Leadership is especially important and central to our efforts to create a good work and study environment on equal terms, where all of the university’s management bear responsibility for and actively contribute to these efforts. Continuously updated information and continuing professional development for key personnel and those in positions of leadership are therefore central.
  • There is suitable organisation and coordination that supports these efforts.
  • Planning, implementation, applying results and initiating improvement projects based on questionnaires and surveys concerning the work and study environment take place on a regular basis.  
  • Integration of work, study, and equality perspectives are central in our work on the campus project and its sub-projects.
  • Continued development of systems for identifying and rectifying disparities in physical and digital accessibility


  • Department and section heads (responsible for compliance with legal requirements and ensuring structure in the work being done)
  • Designated functions at the administration and Study and Academic Support, Library and Educational Development (SBIP), in the form of organisational support as well as centres.
  • Those responsible for the campus project, Campus Support


Hanna Stafhammar Kjellgren

Hanna Stafhammar Kjellgren Qualified Analyst