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On 21 May 2019 we therefore signed the Climate Framework for institutions of higher learning (daybook nr 2019/213), which is a collaboration between Swedish institutions of higher learning. Every school has signed has committed to reducing its negative impact on the climate within selected target areas, in accordance with the Paris Agreement and the Swedish Climate Policy Framework, with the end goal of net zero emissions by 2045. The university’s commitment is to design climate objectives in selected areas and take measures to achieve these goals. In addition, we have signed the international appeal Global Universities and Colleges Climate Letter in which we make the same commitment (HV 2019/677). 

The university has climate objectives that are followed-up on in selected areas, in which our net zero emissions of greenhouse gases will by 2045 be as close to zero as possible or negative in a base year analysis within that area. The areas are selected based on the demands stated in the Climate Framework and on the environmental aspects that are indicated in the relevant environmental study done in 2019, which besides the obligatory areas in the framework also points to contracts, consumption, and the use of resources, as well as waste management as central aspects of the environment. Furthermore, the mapping of climate done by other institutions has been of value for determining where the greatest possibility for influence lies.  

Climate objectives and strategies for the period of 2021-2023 are integrated into the university’s overarching strategy for sustainable development for the same period and are followed up within the framework for the university’s management system for sustainable development. The university’s overarching priorities are established in the annual business plan and in each section’s business plan as well as in their plans of action.

Here you will find "Strategy for sustainable development"

You can read more about the long-term climate goals below.


Hanna Stafhammar Kjellgren

Hanna Stafhammar Kjellgren Qualified Analyst