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Pictogram of a black heartThe more people who can share our knowledge the better. All relationships grow in an atmosphere of mutual give and take. Therefore, we work to be helpful and actively share our knowledge, experience, and contacts with the surrounding community. We take pride in each other’s successes and are generous with praise, support, and encouragement. This can be seen in the relationships between colleagues, with students, as well as with collaborative partners.


Illustraition of two persons holding each other
We strive for the active participation of employees, students and collaborative partners. We are open towards the world outside and welcoming to those we interact with, and we work to realise the full potential of each individual, irrespective of gender, age, or background. Equality and everyone’s equal value are a given.

We know that diversity makes us stronger, and that interaction and mutual collaboration are the most important factors for success.


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We have a strong incentive to be of influence and involved in the developments taking place in society as well as among individuals. We are responsive, courageous and we do not hesitate to take a stand. We welcome new ideas and people who take initiative here. Our ambition is always to be at the forefront of our fields of knowledge. Therefore, we are proactive, we get involved, and we take responsibility for ensuring that things get done – we do this for our own further development as a university and for the personal growth of our students. This pro­activeness also enhances collegiality, as well as interactions, and collaborations.

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We have not the slightest doubt that there are new and innovative ways of conducting academic activities. Therefore, we like to break new ground, go our own way, and question norms and traditions. We are confident in ourselves and proud of what makes us unique. This is all because we are ‘crazy enough’ to believe that interaction and collaboration are the best ways to promote education and research. We are ‘crazy enough’ to invest in increasing scientific knowledge and ground­breaking international research, even though some might consider us a minor university. And we are also ‘wise enough’ to believe that everyone wants to experience personal growth, irrespective of their background and/or age.


Some voices from our staff about the university's four core values