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As employees and students at University West, we break new ground and challenge what is taken for granted. We question norms and traditions – we dare to take a stand. Here, we embrace and encourage free and critical thinking. We welcome everyone. Students meet knowledgeable, committed teaching staff and researchers, who are passionate about enhancing their pedagogical and WIL methods.

Here, it is easy to contact each other and there is a natural, self-evident openness and proximity between students, colleagues and partners. Our campus meets our needs as we come together, both physically and digitally, and facilitates cooperation and creativity. Our students influence their own education as a matter of course. Our employees have the right conditions to build and take responsibility together for a good working environment and workplace culture. We include everyone and encourage everyone to make a contribution and have an influence. And we ensure that we have fun along the way.


In order to achieve these three objectives and fulfil our role effectively for our students, our partners and society as a whole, we need to focus on several areas. Each objective therefore has a number of highlighted strategic initiatives that lay the foundation for succeeding in achieving our vision. These strategies have three-year timeframes, and apply for the period 2022–2024. Both the objectives and the strategies are followed up annually.

  • Develop our working method and learn from each other based on the WIL perspective.
  • Develop environments so that students and employees want to be here, based on Campus Plan 2030.
  • Develop quality, leadership and employeeship in order to contribute towards, defend and strengthen our unique characteristics and our working climate.

the two other objectives

Objective 2. We improve the world every day

Objective 3. We are a regional driving force, a national leader and internationally recognised