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As employees and students, we take on relevant societal challenges in our education and research, with sensitivity and creativity. We recognise the importance of working in a down-to-earth manner and across borders – subject borders, organisational borders and geographical borders. We therefore engage in active dialogue with the professional sphere and players within society, in order to contribute towards sustainable social development. Every single one of us takes responsibility for the future from all aspects of sustainability, and on every scale.

We create the right conditions for students to become critically reflective social citizens who learn throughout their lives, have the courage to challenge accepted ideas, and drive forward change in order to build a society for everyone. We think along new lines to contribute towards a better world. We see the value of each other’s contributions as we create knowledge together. We always aim to reach a wider audience. We are firmly convinced that a world where more people have access to knowledge and development is a more equal, more sustainable world.

Together, we make a difference.


In order to achieve these three objectives and fulfil our role effectively for our students, our partners and society as a whole, we need to focus on several areas. Each objective therefore has a number of highlighted strategic initiatives that lay the foundation for succeeding in achieving our vision. These strategies have three-year timeframes, and apply for the period 2022–2024. Both the objectives and the strategies are followed up annually.

  • To develop quality, all education should be linked to research, and all research should be linked to education.
  • Develop interdisciplinary structures for cooperation and collaboration.
  • Make education and research more accessible and inclusive for more people, through flexibility, communication and digitalization for students and employees alike.

the two other objectives

Objective 1. We are brave and help each other to grow

Objective 3. We are a regional driving force, a national leader and internationally recognised