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If you have questions about ALC, want to book an introduction or deepen your knowledge, contact the ICT educational developers at Akademus.

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Start up

Start the projector with the control panel on the wall. When the projector started, the projector screen will automatically roll down.

Panel för att starta projektor i ALC

If the screens at the tables are turned off, you can start them on the touch screen. The video shows how to do this. (English subtitles available)


Get familiar with the classroom

The classroom is equipped with round tables, chairs with wheels for easily creating new groups, and walls with whiteboard wallpaper. There is a storage cabinet with pens, board erasers, seating cards, and an iPad. The iPad can be used to control the screens without being tied to the touch screen. The cabinet is equipped with a code lock.

The video introduces the user-friendly system that controls the technology in the classroom. (English subtitles available)


Work in groups

When students work in groups, they can use the screen at their table. Students can connect their computers, tablets, or phones wirelessly to the screen. There are instructions for how to connect at

Group presentations

When a group is to present, the group's screen can be displayed on all screens in the classroom, including the projector screen. The video provides instructions for this. (English subtitles available)


Teacher-led session

During the walkthrough, the image from your teacher computer is displayed on all screens in the room. You can to connect your computer via HDMI or wirelessly. Watch the video on how to connect your Mac or PC wirelessly. (English subtitles available)


Shut down

Turn off the group screens via the touch screen according to the video. (English subtitles available)


The projector is turned off on the control panel.

Stäng av projektor i ALC

Charge the iPad if you have used it. Charging cable is in the cabinet.

Seating cards

In the locked cabinet, there are cards in the same colors as the tables. These can be used for divide students into groups. Hand out the cards as students enter the room.