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What is a lightboard?

A lightboard is a whiteboard in glass that is lit up and filmed from the front. When the camera is in front of the board, you get better contact with the viewers as you can both write on the board and be facing the camera. The text is visible in front of you. Before the recording, it is good to think through which clothes to use, so that the text appears as good as possible.


How do I use the lightboard studio?

In the studio, you use your own computer for recording. You connect to Zoom and use its recording function. You can pause recording if you want to clean the board. You can also have participants via Zoom when lecturing. In the studio you will find a manual for how to start the lightboard and make settings for recording.

Lightboard Bakom.jpeg

How do I get access to the studio?

To gain access to the studio on your Västkort, you first need a session in the studio together with an ICT educational developer. Book an ICT hour and book the studio at the same time. The studio is booked in Outlook in the same way as a conference room, search for Lightboardstudio. You can also book on the panel outside the studio. The lightboard studio is located in room H106.

If you have questions about the studio, contact the ICT educational developers at Akademus.