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It's now possible to share your screen from the main session to breakout Rooms. The shared content in the main room is sent to the rooms and if you change slide/picture/sharing, it also changes in breakout rooms. This can be helpful for students if you for example want them to discuss a question/case that you share through a presentation for discussions in groups.

Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Zoom room.
  2. Create and open breakout rooms. Let the students join the groups.
  3. Click 'Share screen' and check the 'Share to breakout rooms' button (see image below). Then select 'Share'.

share to breakout

Please notice:

  • Audio and video are not shared from the main room.
  • Participants can not share a screen in their breakout rooms as long as something is shared from the main room.
  • If a teacher who shares a screen in the main room joins a breakout rooms, the sharing to all groups is stopped.