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In the Digital examination project, we introduce, among other things, Inspera as the system for hall examination and work to promote educational development work for digital examinations.

We are looking for primarily teachers who have experience examining in various ways, including the hall exam. You do not need to have any digital or technical skills, the important thing is that you are interested in exams. During 2023, we will meet four times for three hours each (see dates and times below). No pre- or post-work will be required of you, we do all the work when we meet. If we have both Swedish and English speakers with us, the meetings will be held in both Swedish and English.

Welcome with your registration no later than Mars 8 via Microsoft Forms!

Reserve the following dates and times:

Thursday March 9 13:00-16:00, Room: H104
Theme: processes, roles and ways of working

Tuesday 9 May 13.00-16.00, Room: H104
Theme: test and evaluate the system Inspera

Thursday, September 28, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Room: To be decided
Theme (prel): forms of examination

Wednesday 8 November 13:00-16:00, Room: To be decided
Theme (prel): all digital exams