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University pedagogy is the subject that teaching staff at Swedish universities study to work professionally as teachers and as developers of education and courses that they conduct. University pedagogy includes a number of themes that focus on adult learning. Our teachers' pedagogical skills should always be relevant, as new knowledge about higher education is constantly being developed and contributes to creating new ways of working with digitization, internationalization, norm-conscious pedagogy and sustainable development, etc.

The TLHE unit consists of Urban Carlén and Johan Hyrén, who together with a number of teachers and specialists work to create an educational arena for our teaching staff. TLHE is represented in a variety of internal councils and working groups. Furthermore, TLHE collaborates with several nearby higher education institutions (such as the University of Gothenburg and the University of Borås) in courses, themes and issues related to University pedagogy and pedagogical skills. At the same time, it is in the TLHE courses that teachers at University West meet and create pedagogical development together. We offer two different types of courses:

  1. Eligible university pedagogy, ie. the course that all teaching staff should obtain no later than two years after commencing their service at University West.

  2. Broadened teacher competence, ie. courses outside the mandatory TLHE courses, which are mainly aimed at specific teacher roles, e.g. research supervisors and examiners. All courses are given at an advanced level, but with different qualifications.

To plan your courses or if you have questions, contact Urban Carlén.

New courses on the way

We are rebuilding the higher education pedagogy's course offerings, so at the moment there is no information available about our courses and educations.

More information to come.