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Higher education pedagogy is the subject that teaching staff at Swedish universities study to act professionally as teachers and as developers of education and courses they conduct. The pedagogical skills of teachers should always be current, as new knowledge about higher education is constantly evolving and contributes to creating new approaches related to, for example, digitization, internationalization, inclusive pedagogy, and sustainable development.

The higher education pedagogy at University West consists of a multitude of teachers and specialists from various institutions who work together to create a learning arena for teaching staff. They are represented in various internal councils (e.g., the ICT Council) and working groups (e.g., AIL certification and Digital examination). Furthermore, they collaborate with several neighboring institutions, primarily with the PIL unit at the University of Gothenburg, in courses, themes, and issues related to higher education pedagogy and pedagogical skills.

See our courses in higher education pedagogy.

Qualification requirements for teachers

As a teacher at University West, you are required to have completed at least a 10-week higher education pedagogical training or equivalent. If it is lacking at the time of employment, you must have completed the training during the first two years of employment. All of our courses provide eligibility and broaden your teaching competence.

Do you have questions?

Are you considering enrolling in a higher education pedagogical course but are unsure about the prerequisites? To plan your pedagogical training or if you have questions about our courses and activities, please contact Akademus.



Anna Jakobsson

Anna Jakobsson Senior lecturer

Johan Hyrén

Johan Hyrén Senior lecturer

Karin Svensson

Karin Svensson Lecturer

Urban Carlén

Urban Carlén Senior lecturer