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storyboard med kort

The purpose of the workshop is for your teaching team to replan or plan a completely new course together to create variation throughout the course based on the six learning activities: acquisition, inquiry, production, collaboration, discussion and practice. The workshop is hands-on and takes place on campus and we use a sheet, a so-called 'storyboard' and notes with the different learning activities. The course evolves on the sheet as the workshop progresses and the goal is to leave the workshop with a clear plan for the course and it's content that the teachers keep and use for further detailed planning of the course. The workshop is suitable regardless of level and can be applied both to completely new courses or older courses that need to be redone or reviewed.

Content of the workshop

  • Introduction to the workshop
  • The teaching team discusses the course and decides which learning activities should be included.
  • The teaching team specifies what should be included based on the learning activity, for example, the activity 'Discussion' might be a session in an ALC room, or the activity 'Learning' might be listening to a podcast.
  • The teaching team then marks the activities which are examinations (both formative and summative).

The ABC (Activity Based Curriculum Design) workshop was developed by University College London (UCL) and is widely used both nationally and internationally. The workshop was developed as a way to maximize teachers' time and still redesign courses when there is a need, for example, to include more digital elements in teaching or to rework the course based on student-centered learning. The workshop is based on Diana Laurillard's book 'Teaching as a Design Science (2012)' which connects traditional teaching theories with our contemporary and digital way of working. In this video, Laurillard explains the six learning theories .

If you and your teaching team are interested in this workshop, email and we will find a time together!


Photo: Maria Nilsson