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About whistleblowing

University West strives to maintain a good administrative culture and counter corruption and other irregularities. So-called whistleblowers play a central role in safeguarding and promoting important values ​​in a democratic society, such as openness and transparency.

In accordance with the Act (2021: 890) on the protection of persons who report malpractice (the Whistleblower Act), the University has established safe channels for whistleblowing. It is possible to blow the whistle in writing, by phone or in a personal meeting. In order for the person reporting to feel safe, all whistleblowing is handled confidentially by the external party KPMG.

Under the headings below you can find important information on how the protection for whistleblowers works and how to make a whistle blow report.


Anna-Maria Blomgren

Anna-Maria Blomgren Qualified Analyst Kvalificerad utredare