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Information about the Corona virus

You will find all the information about the Corona virus and how University West handles the situation here. The page is constantly updated.

If you know that there has been an accident, death or any other serious incident related to the University, you must immediately report this to the university staff.

Call 112 (SoS Alarm)

In case of danger to life, property or environment - call 112 (SOS Alarm)


  • Student - Contact your department's head of department, secondly, someone else on the contact list found at the bottom of this page.
  • Employed - Contact head of your department , secondly, someone else in the contact list at the bottom of this page.
  • Tell about what has happened
  • Leave your name and phone number
  • If you have the opportunity then note what has happened
  • If you have the opportunity, please note whom has been injured or deceased
  • Also, please note when you found out what happened and the name and phone number of the one who gave you information about the serious incident

in case of fire alarm


  • You can find a defibrilator at the University Entrance next to the Service Center.

Contacts to inform about a serious incident

Contact the web editor if there are any problems on the website