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Call 112 (SOS Alarm)

Ambulance, fire brigade, police - in emergency situations call 112

  • Inform about what has happened
  • Say your own name and phone number
  • If you have the opportunity, write down what happened and then notify the crisis management (see below)

Heart starter machine

A so-called defibrillator, is located in the university entrance. It is on the left when you enter, opposite the Service Center.

In case of fire alarm

  • EXIT through the nearest exit
    CAMPUS: We gather in Maria Alberts Park (the park outside Albertsalen)
    Assembling point in case of fire.
    Here you find a map with assembling place on campus

    PTC: Assembling point at the blue sign at the car park outside the entrance Nohabgatan 18 A (on the other side of the pedestrian crossing). If you have visitors, make sure they accompany you to the assembly point.

Acute threats and violent SITUATION

If you experience an acute threat or a violent situation, contact 112.

Property problems or damages

Report to the Service Center.
Acute property problems when the Service Center is closed, please contact: Kraftstaden service number 0520-340 50

Call together the crisis management

If you know that there has been an accident or any other serious incident related to the University, pleas report this.

Please note. In the case of an emergency or accident where it is a matter of saving lives - call 112 first. After that the crisis management team is contacted.

The crisis management group can be called together via an crisis management number. You can call the emergency number all 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Crisis management number: 0520-22 (3200)
The emergency number is linked to the person on call.

Let us know what has happened and if you know who or whom it concerns. Other information such as time, contact information is also valuable.

Alternatively, you can contact ServiceCenter during office hours.

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