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Last updated August 10.

The direction and strategy chosen by the university remains and has not changed based on the current situation.

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Policy decision for campus operations in autumn 2020

On May 29, the government and the Public Health Authorities updated their recommendations to Swedish universities, which means that a return to more regular activities are now possible.

For University West, this means that teaching in the autumn will be conducted in a mixed format, with parts on campus and parts through distance education. To minimize the spread of infection, the number of seats in classrooms will be limited and scheduled hours will be increased. When planning the autumn's teaching activities on campus, the following priorities apply:

  • Introduction and certain teaching of new programme students (students who started/start their education in the spring or autumn of 2020)
  • Teaching parts with aesthetic, practical and laboratory elements for all students that are not possible or not suitable to carry out in any way other than on campus.
  • Examinations that are not possible or not suitable to carry out in any other way other than on campus.

To students:
Information about your course and how your classes will be conducted will be published on the Canvas learning platform before the autumn term starts.

To staff:
The university's adapted return to campus-based activities also includes the university's employees. Workplaces, common staff areas and meeting forms must be adapted, as far as possible, in accordance with recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Authorities. Requests concerning working from home should be discussed with the nearest manager.

The university's premises will be prioritized for teaching in the autumn. Therefore, conferences organized by the university should primarily be held digitally.

To Vice-Chancellor´s decision (In Swedish) at the Staff Portal 

More information to students and staff

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