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Last updated October 5.

What about public gatherings at University West at he autumn term? 

According to the Government's recommendations for higher education, teaching can be conducted on campus this autumn. To reduce the risk of spreading the infection, the activities need to be adapted in accordance to the expert authorities' recommendations.

University West follows the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations, which means that we consider our business as a workplace. This means that our activities are not to be regarded as public gatherings (with a limit of a maximum of 50 people). This means that we will have entire student groups on campus. Thus, we refer to the regulations, general advice and recommendations that apply to the rest of society.

Teaching during the autumn will be conducted in a mixed format with parts on campus and parts at a distance. We have a spacious campus and will work hard to make the teaching at campus work - based on the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations.

The following priorities apply for the autumn

  • Introduction and certain teaching of new programme students (students who started/start their education in the spring or autumn of 2020)

  • Teaching parts with aesthetic, practical and laboratory elements for all students that are not possible or not suitable to carry out in any way other than on campus.

  • Examinations that are not possible or not suitable to carry out in any other way other than on campus.

How we adapt our premises for reduced spread of infection

University West adapts the operations, the premises and inform in order to minimize the spread of Covid-19 during the start of the autumn term.

To reduce the risk of spread of infection, the number of seats in the classrooms has been limited and times for scheduling have been increased.

The university's premises are prioritized for teaching. Conferences are primarily organized digitally. Any conferences and events on site on campus are to be considered as public gatherings. Here we follow the government's decision not to allow more than 50 people.

Indoor environment and socializing

  • Generally, you are encouraged to use every other seat in all spaces on campus. Signs will be placed all over the campus.
  • Where possible, the number of places is sparse and marked by stickers.
  • Signs to keep distance and stay at home when ill, will be found around campus and at the entrances.
  • In the restaurant and the café, the seats are sparse and information about social distancing is to be found.
  • During practical elements, measures are taken to enable the students to keep their distance.
  • Most of the university's classrooms will be unlocked during the day to reduce the risk of gathering outside.
  • Student and local hosts are employed during the first weeks of the term, they will both check that new students receive the help and information they need, and ensure that larger crowds are avoided.

Hand hygiene

Hand alcohol is placed in frequently used passages, such as in the entrances. Of course, at all kitchenettes/coffee rooms and toilets on campus you will find soap and paper towels.


The cleaning routines have been strengthened, which means that cleaning of toilets and spraying of contact surfaces such as table surfaces, taps, handles, handrails takes place daily.

Keep distance and take personal responsibility

It is important that if you have symptoms, even mild ones, or belong to a risk group, you should not come to campus. When we all take personal responsibility for minimizing the spread of Covid-19, we will be able to conduct teaching on campus this autumn.

Read more at the Swedish Public Health Agency's website: "Information for higher education institutions and other higher education about covid-19". (In Swedish)

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