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Last updated April 2nd

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From April 1: The Public Health Agency of Sweden sharpens its general recommendation - Keep your distance and take personal responsibility!

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has now sharpened its advice and has updated its information on how both private individuals and organizations as well as companies should act to minimize the spread of infection. According to the new general recommendations, large gatherings of people should be avoided and people over 70 years of age should be especially careful. You can read more about risk groups on the website of the Public Health Agency of Sweden (in Swedish only). 

In addition, the Public Health Agency has given the following recommendations:
Employers should ensure that staff and visitors keep their distance, that employees can work from home and avoid unnecessary travel if possible.

At University West this means that the preferred option for all employees is to work from home. This should be done after making arrangements with the respective managers. Employees who have tasks that cannot be performed from home are encouraged to keep their distance to the greatest extent possible.
This also means that University West will continue to encourage students to study from home. If study areas or group rooms on campus are used, distances should be kept to reduce the spread of infection. Everyone has a great personal responsibility.

Read more on the Public Health Agency's website

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