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The information on this page is updated continuously.

Work from home/on campus - Autumn 2020

It is still important that we follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations to reduce the spread of infection.

As a starting point, the Public Health Agency's general advice is that employees should work from home if possible. As teaching will partly take place on campus, however, it must be possible to maintain operations and more employees than before will then have to work at the workplace.

The immediate manager is responsible for making the assessment of and deciding which employees can work from home and which need to be on site.

Information about the autumn term 2020 

On May 29, the government and the Public Health Authority updated their recommendations to Swedish universities which means that a return to more regular activities is now possible.

At University West, the teaching in the autumn will be conducted in a mixed format, with parts on campus and parts through distance education. To facilitate for both teachers and students  a number of measures are being prepared. Read more at the latest newsletter to all staff (to Staff Portal).

To minimize the spread of infection, the number of seats in classrooms will be limited and scheduled hours will be increased. When planning the autumn's teaching activities on campus, the following priorities apply:

  • Introduction and certain teaching of new programme students (students who started/start their education in the spring or autumn of 2020)
  • Teaching parts with aesthetic, practical and laboratory elements for all students that are not possible or not suitable to carry out in any way other than on campus.
  • Examinations that are not possible or not suitable to carry out in any other way other than on campus.

In the Staff Portal you will find more information about the examinations. You find the information under the headings "Examining Online" och "Vice Chancellor´s decision, September 2020".

The goal is for everyone to have the opportunity to get an introduction on campus to get the best possible start and conditions for their studies. After that, "Digital when possible - campus when needed" will also apply to the new students so that we can provide space for all students to complete the teaching elements that require physical presence on campus.


You can send your questions and needs regarding distance education to

Teaching at a distance

Here you find all information about the switch to distance education (link to the Staff Portal). Information on this page is updated continuously.

What applies to staff at a risk?

Staff at a risk who need to work from home, please talk to your nearest manager - this is based on Vice-Chancellor´s policy decision concerning adapted return to campus, June 8. Intensive work is also ongoing to adapt common areas on campus based on current recommendations.

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