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Akademisk högtid scenen 2021

Academic ceremony

Date: November 11, 2022
Location: Albertsalen, Högskolan Väst, Gustava Melins gata 2, Trollhättan.

Registration is closed. The ceremony was broadcasted online.
Link to Youtube.


At 14.30: Drop in - Pre-mingling before the ceremony starts (outside the Albertsalen)

At 15.15: Gathering for procession (no guests) outside Albertsalen

At 15.30: THE CEREMONY starts in Albertsalen

At (approx) 17:15-19:00 After-party with light mingling food outside the Albertsalen.

Dress code
Festive attire. For us, this means that you dress up in what you think is nice and what is festive. We have no specific dress codes beyond this.

Review of the procession for those participating in the ceremony is done during the dress rehersal.

Even previous years' already awarded doctors, docents, honorary doctors and professors at the University West or external institutions of higher education are welcome to participate in the procession.

These people will not have any dress rehearsal during the day but will gather at 15.15 outside Albertsalen.

Other guests are not included in the procession.

Doctor's hat and doctor's ring
Doctors who are to be promoted during the ceremony must hold their hat in their hand and not wear their doctoral ring until after the promotion has been made. After this, the doctor may wear the doctor's hat and wear the doctor's ring.

For further information contact
Master of ceremonies Rebecka Haak can be reached on 0704738132