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Bild på Elin Frändberg


What is your role within STARS EU?

I have the role of STARS EU Officer, which means that I support project management, cooperation structures and the communicator officer within the project. I work with everything from organizing internal and external events and visits to helping with administration and project coordination.

I am also in close contact with the other STARS EU Officers at our partner universities to keep me updated on how the work is progressing, as well as changes and initiatives within the alliance. You can contact me if you have questions about STARS EU or are interested in getting involved in some way.

You also staff the STARS EU Office at University West. What is its function?

STARS EU Office functions as an office for the entire project and is staffed by project manager, communication officer, controller and STARS EU Officer who together coordinate, organize and communicate the work within the alliance at University West.

What are the major issues facing the alliance right now, from your perspective?

I believe that one of the most important issues right now is to intensify the communication around STARS EU so that the information about the opportunities within the project reaches researchers, teachers, students and regional actors. The fact that University West is now a member of a European University opens up joint research and collaboration projects and opportunities for exchanges for employees and students with other partner universities.