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Bild på Fredrik Christensson


Hello Fredrik! What is your role within STARS EU?

I work together with Lena Lindhé in work package two, Regional Transition Accelerator (RTA), with a focus on regional development, cooperation and innovation. In addition to working with regional development and strengthening interregional collaboration, RTA will contribute to other work packages and the thematic groups. RTA has already delivered a report on the different regional strategies for smart specialization and how our universities contribute. That is important to ensure that the work we do within STARS EU continues to be relevant.

The R in STARS stands for regional. Can you tell us more about the regional work within the alliance? What do you hope to achieve?

The goal is for STARS EU to support and drive regional development. To achieve that, STARS EU works to involve the regions and regional actors to drive development through cooperation within and between regions. By developing sustainable cooperation with the public sector and other stakeholders, the hope is that STARS EU will influence society in a positive direction. That aligns well with the ambitions of University West.

University West has a strong collaborative profile. Do you feel that this is something that also characterizes STARS EU?

Yes, collaboration is a cornerstone of STARS EU. The fact that University West already has strong cooperation with partners, business and our region is a strength for us in our work. At the same time, there is much to learn from the other universities and to develop together within STARS EU so that our impact will be even greater.