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Logotype för HR Excellence in ResearchThe purpose is to enhance the working conditions and career development of researchers in the European Union by implementing principles outlined in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

Current status and next steps

Since the European Commission granted the application for HR Excellence in Research on 12th May 2023, the project's implementation phase has been initiated. To oversee the implementation work there is a steering group appointed, and for advisory there is a reference group providing insights and guidance in specific areas during the implementation consisting of employees in differerent level of their research career.

A report is produced before each steering group meeting to summarize recent work with HRS4R and its implementation. The goal is to provide an overall overview of the work and plans for future work. these reports are subsequently published on this page.

Many of the activities outlined in the action plan are already underway or align with other ongoing development initiatives at the University. However, some activities are entirely new and are being introduced in conjunction with the implementation of the charter and code. A lot has happened at the university since the data gathering for the gap analysis which may necessitate adjustments to the action plan to accommodate these new conditions.The implementation phase spans two years and will be followed by a self-assessment and a revision of the action plan, with a deadline set for 12th May 2025. 

Illustration of the HRS4R process 

Interested in knowing more or want to get in touch with the working group?

Carl-Fredrik Miles

Carl-Fredrik Miles Administrative officer International collaboration coordinator