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It and Management (Informatics), 60 ECTS

Master one-year for students with a Bachelor in Informatics/Information Systems, Computer Science or similar. The focus is our change in lifestyle due to use of IT and Information Systems, and how IT systems best should be designed and used to support in work and other types of life situations. The courses are very much applied and working life oriented (WiL) with examples from different activities. There is also a possibility to go on with PhD studies (depending on positions).

International Business, 60 ECTS

Master one-year for students with Bachelor in Management, Marketing or Accounting (or equivalent). International business comprises a large and growing portion of the world's total business. This development requires deep knowledge and professional capability in the field of international business from those who operate in today's companies.The Masters Programme in International Business offers you such a knowledge and capability and gives you the tools to meet such a challenge.

Masters in Finance, 60 ECTS

Master one-year for students with Bachelor in Economics, Finance (or equivalent). It is an important and growing key area for the development of the economy and business. In order to be able to contribute, the needs of deeper knowledge and skills are important. This master is developed and run in close co-operation with universities in both Europe and Shanghai, China. The Masters Program in Finance will give you the knowledge and capability to work with complex financial issues and in an international setting.

International Politics, 60 ECTS (spring)